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Medical Bed and Hospital Bed Online in UAE

According to the report, many people face accidents every day, and many get injured badly. Some of them also get handicapped, while some are by birth. But all those people also want to live everyday life like others, which is their fundamental right. 

We (Thunder Mobility), the best health care equipment seller in the UAE, manufacture a vast range of mobility aids. These mobility aids we designed for the elderly and handicapped start from first aid vehicles to home health care products. 

High-Quality Based Material

We (Thunder Mobility) are here with high-quality and best material-based health care products. If your nearer one is handicapped or you have elderly at home, you must have medical beds. 

Regular beds will not be suited for your patient at home, as they need exceptional care in each regard. These medical beds we designed are full of features, like having many gifts in one bundle. 

Specially Designed Hospital Beds for Patients

The medical and hospital beds we provide are designed with excellent and quality-based material to secure the patient. These hospital beds are not ordinary ones; these will facilitate your patient in different manners. 

These specially designed medical and hospital beds help you move different body parts of your patient. You can now buy hospital beds online in the UAE, as we provide these medical beds all over the UAE.

Buy Medical Bed Online

Now if you have decided to buy a medical bed for your nearer one, then you must be thinking of start searching for it. The very first question that would arise in your mind is from where you would buy these medical beds. 

You do not have to worry about it at all, as Thunder Mobility is there for you. Now you can buy medical beds online quickly and without issue. We assure you that we will provide you with the best health care equipment. 

Hospital Bed for Sale

We are the only company in Dubai providing all home health care equipment, from handicap vehicles to medical beds. You can now have the best and the most suited hospital bed on sale according to your needs and requirements. These hospital beds are on sale, and this is for all people as we want that each person can afford hospital beds for sale. 

Buy Patient Beds in UAE

You can now visit our office to examine all the medical beds on your own and select the best that suits you. You can now buy patient beds in UAE and can also have changes in the product you want to buy also. We will assure you that the product will be beneficial for you. So now you can buy a patient's bed in the UAE. 

Electric and Manual Medical Beds

Here now, we will talk about different electric and manual medical beds. 

These are as follows:

- 5 Function Electric Medical Bed

- 3 Function Electric Hospital Bed

- 3 Function Manual Hospital Bed

- 5 Function Electric Medical Bed


If you are searching for an electric medical bed that assures many features, solidity, and simplicity, then the 5 Function electric medical bed is the most suited to you. These beds are specially called five-function electric medical beds because there are five functions in one bed. What else do you want then? Just imagine a single bed having a lot of functions.

 These 5-function electric medical bed includes the following 5 functions:

- Reverse Trendelenburg

- Electrical reclining leg rest

- Electrical fowler mode

- Electrical backrest


We provide several accessories to all our customers so they can choose the best medical bed that personalizes their environment. 

3 Function Electric Hospital Bed

Now, if you want to have an electric hospital bed, then we will recommend 3 available electric hospital beds. This bed is designed with 3 unique functions that help in the mobility of the user's backs, legs, and arms. 

These beds improve nurses and carers during their care services and operation. This 3-function electric bed is a superb ergonomic design that facilitates the user with safety and comfort. 

We now provide these superb and toxic-free green materials-based beds to all hospitals, clinics, and medical institutions at your homes in UAE.

3 Function Manual Hospital Bed

Now, if you do not want an electric bed or cannot afford it, we also have three function manual hospital beds. Then no worries at all, as we also design 3 available manual hospital beds for those who do not want electric hospital beds. As the name indicates, this hospital bed performs 

3 functions are as follows: 

1. Backrest elevation

2. Knee rest elevation

3. High/Low movement

So, this is all about hospital and medical beds; you can have any of them. We welcome you all, come and have the best according to your needs and requirements that suits you the most.