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Patient Lifting Solutions

If you have a patient or elderly at your home, and they face difficulty in mobility, you just need a helper. For this reason, we have PLS designs, which means Patient Lifting solution designs; the jet is specially designed for your convenience. These patient lifting solutions designs will prove to be more helpful to turn that off and helper than what else you need.

The patient lifting solutions design We Thunder mobility provides is valuable and workable for different environments, including hospitals, nursing homes, and domestic ones. You don't have to worry if you have a different type of ceiling, as we provide patient lifts for every type of ceiling and situation. We work day and night to design amazing products that benefit our elderly or handicapped people in different situations.

Patient lifts

The best Patient Lifting Solution

The ceiling hoist system is at the top if you want the best Patient Lifting Solution. We are blessed with dedicated and creative engineers who design the best and quality-based ceiling hoist systems by combining different already present designs, reliability, and innovative technology.

Lifters - Patient Hoists

In the past, people or nurses used to drag statures or wheelchairs manually to make a patient move into hospitals or homes. But it's risky as injury can be caused to both the patient and nurses/carers due to strain or other factors. For this reason, we designed lifters- the patient hoist that is designed specially to reduce the risk that was there because of manual transfer.

The patient hoists we provide have extra working due to a sling that functions to provide support to the patient, while the carrier is operating the hoist for lifting or moving the patient here and there. We know that different people are differently injured or handicapped, so for this purpose, we provide different types of patient hoists that will be helpful for you in different environments. These patient hoists are designed under observation to assure the safety and comfort of the patient and carers during their use.

Patient hoist in Dubai

If your patient has limited mobility and faces a lot of difficulty in small distance mobility, it would let you do much hard work. This will make you get tired and will also be not safe for you and the patient both. The patient might also face difficulty in this regard, along with pain. So, to eliminate such hazardous factors, Thunder Mobility has designed patient hoists, handling aids, and slings.

We Provide All over in UAE

These products will provide ease and comfort in moving your patient from here to there without requiring your struggle. We provide a vast range of hoists all over UAE, from mobile hoists and bath hoists to bariatric hoists and standing hoists.

 We assure you that these products will be more than a helper to you in your patient's mobility. Now, you can easily transfer your patient, getting rid of any injury or pain caused during manual handling.

Patient Slings

For the mobility of your elderly or handicapped person at home, the patient sling is the best option. It makes the transportation of the patient much easier and free of harm. There will be no risk of falling or injuries for the patient and the carer. Stand aid slings and hoist slings are best for the patient's transfer and are now available for you. We provide these quality-based safety products for mobility all over the UAE.

Types of Hoists

Now we will discuss different categories of hoists that will be helpful for the patients in their transfer from place to place.

·         Stand assist hoists

·         Ceiling track hoists

·         Patient lifting hoists

Stand assist hoists

This stand assist hoist is designed to easily transfer an individual from place to place and helps in standing. If you want your patient's mobility, such as from a chair or toilet, then a stand assist hoist is best. 

Patient lifting hoists

Suppose you want your patient to stand on his own or want to lift the patient for the transfer. In this regard, patient lifting hoists will be the best and most suited for your use.

Ceiling track systems

Ceiling track systems are designed that offer you different facilities such as:

· Higher lifting capacity

· Transfer from one room to another

· Unobtrusive lifting with no mobile hoist when not in use

So, this was all about the lifting hoist for mobility purposes. You can visit us and have one of your own choices as we are here with a vast range of variety.