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Introduction to Ambulance Manufacturing


We at Thunder Mobility are proud to announce that we are among the best companies in Dubai that design healthcare products for you. We have well-trained and experienced team members for the manufacturing of such products.


It took a long time for us to make our name prominent in the market. The products we design are reliable and high-quality, so they will meet your standards. Among the most reliable products we manufacture is an ambulance and its equipment, along with special vehicles for patients. These products are counted among the best solutions and services that we offer to all of our customers.


purpose of their construction


Nowadays, unfortunately, the rate of accidents has increased and is still growing. This needs to be looked after, as every person’s life is important. Sometimes it's difficult to save someone’s life, as the hospitals are far away from the accident location.

The main purpose of our construction of these ambulances and their equipment is to save people’s lives. The ambulance we design has all the needed equipment inside it that will help in providing first aid at the accident scene. This also makes it easier for an injured person to get to the hospital.


The Most Important Aspect of the Ambulance We Create


The key features that are included in our manufactured ambulance are as follows:


- It has a full-length cabinet that consists of all the required medical equipment.


- It has a centralized oxygen system for emergency situations.


- The patient cabin inside the ambulance consists of a roof and walls that are completely insulated.


- The floor of the ambulance is liquid-proof and is made of heavy-duty vinyl anti-slip, along with the base structure, which is made up of aluminum profile frames.


Different Types of Ambulances for Different Vehicles


If you want your patients to have quick transport to the hospital, then we recommend that you use our specially designed ambulances. These are manufactured by our well-experienced professionals while keeping a lot of things in mind. These ambulances offer you a lot of facilities that include:


- It has tremendous features.


- Make the patient feel comfortable while transporting.


- It ensures safety.


- You can transport your loved ones safely and securely from one location to another.

You would be shocked to know that now you can have different vehicles for ambulance purposes. We are successful because we design them in such a way after working day and night.Now you can have ambulances on vans and even 4x4 base vehicles.


We can also make modifications to your personal vehicle to make it capable of serving as a means of patient transport. It's also fine if you're not interested in purchasing an ambulance.We can make modifications to your vehicle to make it look like an ambulance or use it as one. This will save you money over purchasing a new ambulance.


Services from Our Side


We thunder mobility and construct quality-based products for all our customers. Our goal is to assist our customers as much as possible.The product we design is basically healthcare-based. These products help injured, disabled, or elderly people in their homes.


We try to help mankind as much as we can to make people feel that they are also living a normal life like others. We deliver our products to all of our customers' homes in a reasonable amount of time.So, you don't have to worry; just contact us and we'll have the best and most suited ambulance for your patient’s comfort and ease.


There are different types of ambulances that are characterized according to the functions they perform. Following are some of the functions ambulances perform:


If you are suffering from acute sickness, then you can have this ambulance. This ambulance is considered an emergency vehicle. There are numerous types and numbers of emergency vehicles.which range from emergency ambulance vans to air ambulances that include boats and helicopters. These are designed in such a way that they can also contain wheelchair-accessible vehicles inside them.

This ambulance is designed especially for patients’ needs. In the event of an accident, there is a need for quick transport to the hospital to save a person’s life. So, in this regard, these vehicles are the best patient transport vehicles.

The other thing that makes this ambulance the best to use is the equipment it contains. It contains all of the necessary equipment for providing first aid to an injured person.This will assist in providing immediate first aid to the injured person.It provides on-the-spot medical treatment.

These ambulances can also be used for older people who are unable to move. best for disabled people in their transport over a longer distance.

There are several companies in Dubai that design products for healthcare. But Thunder Mobility is at the top of the list of these companies. And this success is due to our hard work and our honesty towards our customers. We create the highest-quality healthcare products.Our designed ambulances are the most visible of these.Now we will discuss the equipment that is designed for and is part of ambulances. This equipment has its own function and is unique accordingly. Here are a few examples:


Two-Way Radio

This device is for the purpose of communication and is well known as a two-way radio. This helps the person inside the ambulance contact nearby medical facilities to get prepared for giving treatment to the injured person inside the ambulance. This also aids in contacting doctors in an emergency to determine what to do in the injured person's condition.This two-way radio is an important part of an ambulance, especially in emergency situations.



With the use of advanced technology, we have designed a special CCTV camera for the ambulance. Sometimes the ambulance also undergoes an accident, intentionally or unintentionally. And people have no evidence regarding it. For this purpose, these CCTV cameras are designed to provide full coverage of the ambulance from the inside. It also aids in providing evidence in the event of a sudden attack on the ambulance.These can be used especially during emergency situations like murder, rape, etc., when all the activity going on inside the ambulance is recorded and can be used later on as evidence.




Lighting is also another important feature that must be included in an ambulance. No doubt there is light in different vehicles, but in the case of ambulances, extra lighting is required. This is why our professionals try to add maximum lighting through the use of advanced technology. This feature makes ambulances more acceptable to customers. And that is why these ambulances are in demand.


Air Conditioner

When we talk about the temperature inside the ambulance, then it must be maintained. For this purpose, the air conditioner is designed for ambulances in the same way as the heating system. The air conditioner is required in some cases, like for the patient to cool down or during suffocation scenarios. You can't open the ambulance window because it could allow dust in and infect the injured person.So, the air conditioner must be there so that there is no need to open the window.



This was all about Thunder Mobility and how we design the products. Our products are highly quality-checked and are certified. We don’t rely on the first attempt alone; we make a lot of experiments on the products we design. We also work on the features of each product in detail as we want to make our customers feel comfortable.


And when it comes to safety, don't worry at all, as all the products that we designed are safe and secure to use. These healthcare products are designed under strict observation. Because our safety and security come first, they are more important to us. Thunder Mobility is always there to serve you with its services. You can come to us whenever you want and we will provide you with the best ambulance for your needs. And when you want to have modifications made to your own vehicle, Even then, we can make modifications to them. So come and get the best healthcare product, particularly the best ambulance for use.