Aerosol Therapy

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Aerosol Therapy and Equipment for It




AEROSOL is breathed into the lungs by victims of breathing problems. It is actually a mist comprising medicine in it. it is inhaled by a mouthpiece or a mask. The name AIR O SOL is air having a solution mixed. The aerosol effect depends on the type of medicine involved in it.


Aerosol treatment for children 


Remember not everyone can tolerate this treatment. Patients are at first quite afraid and they disagree to proceed with treatment. In such cases, the one near them needs to play an effective role.


Especially for children, make sure when they are going to start treatment before that let them handle masks, the mouthpiece, and related things. In this way, they will get familiar with it. They won't be afraid anymore. Another thing is to involve them in any sort of activity during the treatment like painting, drawing, sketching, etc. 


In this way, they won't really feel any difficulty. At first, they will feel as if the smell is not tolerable, guide them that it's nothing but funny at first. With time they will feel it no more. It's hard just till they breathe in this medicine.


To deal with the treatment you will require the following things:


  • 1 or 2 nebulizers

They depend on the medicine used.


Like if your child or patient is using  Pulmicort Respules®, Pulmozyme®, Tobi®, Bethkis®, or Hyper-Sal, then the nebulizer used for it will be a PARI™ nebulizer. If you are not having one then consult the healthcare provider:

  • Masks or mouthpieces, quantity 1 or 2 
  • Tubes for making pathways, tubing
  • Compressor
  • Medicine to make a solution for aerosol.
  • It should be according to the prescription of the care provider. before using the check expiry date. if it does not have any effect, don’t go on adding more and more. can be dangerous.
  • consult the health care provider of the patient.
  • For cleaning purposes, you will need white clean equipment is necessary to ensure safe and healthy treatment.
  • If the care provider has prescribed a disinfectant then you can also use it for cleaning purposes.


Aerosol therapy products


For aerosol therapy presently there is a number of products used. These products are mandatory to proceed with treatment. some of  these products include 

  • Airlife empty nebulizer
  • Prefilled sterile water nebulizer kit with nebulizer cap
  • Drainage bag
  • Tracheostomy masks
  • Pediatric character aerosol masks
  • Aerosol tubing
  • Nebulizer adaptors
  • Air purifier 
  • Humidifiers
  • nebulizers


Air purifiers 


Air purifiers are used to purify the air by sanitizing it. It removes toxins, allergens, and pollutants and filters clean air. air purifiers are different from humidifiers and filters. Apart from filtering air, they sanitize it also. It purifies the air according to your demand. It removes particles that you want and filters the air as per your demand.




Nebulizer performs a vital role. It transforms medicine into a mist. Then this mist (aerosol) is breathed into the lungs by a mask or a mouthpiece. asthmatic patients are often dealt with nebulizers. It is also utilized in asthma medication. so it's beneficial for them as well.


Nebulizers control respiratory ailments. Nebulizers maintain control of them. So it doesn't matter where ever you are. nebulizer consists of replaceable parts like saline or pediatric masks. These replaceable parts are also available. They are replaced timely to ensure safe and healthy therapy.


Humidifiers or Vaporizers


Humidifiers are also vaporizers. They convert the filtered water to mist. this mist then keeps nasal passages moist even in dry situations like in winter. Now humidifiers available presently are much more advanced, unique, and perfect for outdoor and indoor use. They are much more stylish than before and are functionally preferable as well. Whimsical humidifiers for the smallest humidifiers are also available now.


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