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A Protective Product: Spinal Board


Many of the patients in our country are suffering from injuries to the spine or limbs. They have many problems associated with the back. Such patients have to suffer a lot of pain while they are being taken for treatment or transferred from place to place.


Spine boards have especially been designed for such patients to relieve them from pain. to provide rigid support to their body and safely transfer them to the desired place.


Spine Board 


From the name, it's evident that these boards have something to do with the spine. These spine boards are designed to transport patients with spinal or limb injuries. While transporting them, rigid and secure support is provided.


In emergency medical situations, spine boards are used to transfer patients with relative issues to the required location. This board is capable of handling patients with safety and care.




Spine boards or backboards are of significant use in emergencies, like at the time of any accident or severe injury. It is used in providing first aid or at the time of rescuing the injured. They are applicable in dealing with troublesome conditions. If available at the right time for first aid or rescue, they can save patients from such loss or injury.


Purposely designed spine boards


The apparatus used to construct these boards is experimentally verified first because vital and major roles are to be played by every part of this board. Either the material used is wood, plastic, or aluminum. The other framework and structure, including handles, are made up of metal.


How Do You Choose the Best Spine Board?


While choosing any of the boards, you need to consider some factors.


When making your selection, choose the one that is


- Lighter

- Check its sturdiness.

- Compactness

- Ease and comfort

Backboard stretchers


Backboard stretchers are a type of board that fulfills emergency requirements. They are made of plastic and are often called plastic boards. They function to immobilize patients in emergency care units, or EMS.


These beds also include head immobilizers and belt sets. These parts are of the same importance as this backboard. Pins are provided along with the plastic board. Speed clips or pins are used to hold belts in place while fixing the backboard.


Aluminum alloy scoop stretcher


They are specially designed for sports emergencies and some hospital-related troubles. Aluminum alloy material has been used to make this backboard completely reliable and comfortable. They are small in size and light in weight. They function to provide ease of sterilization. They can be cleaned easily.


You won't face any sort of difficulty. They are easy to handle and safe. They can be carried and moved smoothly without any interruptions. They are also equipped with nylon belts for added security. As a result, these nylon belts


Aluminum backboard stretchers


Durable, reliable aluminum has been used in making these aluminum backboard stretchers.


You will find that these backboard stretchers have the most suitable features. textured and verified aluminum is used in manufacturing.




- Cleaning can be done easily.

- purposely designed different straps and holdings


- Smooth, safe handling is allowed.

- There are also resistant configurations available.

Further kinds are available as well. There are options such as four, two, or one without a runner. The most important feature is that it can be folded in half and stored when not in use. The folding option allows you to quickly transfer the stretcher anywhere. Ambulance compartments can now be used to store these folded stretchers.


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