Electric Stair Climbing Wheelchair

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Thunder Mobility Provides the Best Electric stair Wheelchair


Introduction to Electric stair Wheelchair


In today’s world, where the use of machines is everywhere. But this use is beneficial in some regards and harmful at the same time. While talking about vehicles, now there is too much advancement in the vehicle industry but at the same time, the accident rate has increased than before. 


Many people met accidents every day, and accidents can be of different types. But this sometimes by bad luck, led the person to be disabled or injured badly. This causes them difficulty in moving or standing or climbing up the stairs. And not only for the disabled but also for our elder people it's difficult to climb up the stairs due to knee or other problems. 


Types of Stair-Climbing Wheelchairs


But mobility is important for every person which is an essential thing in everybody’s life. For this purpose, we designed the best and most unique electric stair-climbing wheelchairs for all the people who need them. This electric climbing wheelchair enables the person to climb up or down the stairs easily and comfortably. We (Thunder Mobility) provides the best collection of the electric stair-climbing wheelchair to all our customers. These stair-climbing wheelchairs that we supply all over UAE include:


- Manual stair-climbing wheelchair


- Electric stair-climbing wheelchair

This electric stair-climbing wheelchair is used for transportation purposes in different places. These places include homes, school security, and hospitals for emergencies. You will easily climb the stairs with our professionally designed stair-climbing wheelchairs. 


Electric stair-climbing wheelchair


When we talk about electric stair climbing wheelchairs, the question arises that how they are best to use. So, a very short answer to this is its manufacturing. Yes, this electric wheelchair is designed in such a way that every person can easily transport the patient up or down. There are handles present for steering, which includes front handles that help in lifting and transportation. This also has an adjustable lift bar that makes it more comfortable and easy to use. These electric stair-climbing wheelchairs are especially for disabled people.


Features that Facilitate You


Are you healthy and do you think that it would be difficult? Then you are wrong, as the wheelchair, we (Thunder Mobility) designs are lightweight but can bear maximum weight. As our experienced manufacturers design this wheelchair while keeping all points in mind. They use aluminum that makes the wheelchair structure strengthen and can hold weight up to 160kg/353lbs easily. Feel free to use it as it can bear your weight and no fear of falling. 


There is an armrest that helps the sitting person for moving up and down. The electric stair-climbing wheelchair we designed is user-friendly. It will make to have safe and comfortable transport up on down the stairs. 


Portable Folding Climbing Stairs to have


The climbing-stair wheelchairs we provide are of high quality. And we have designed it keeping all the essential things in mind. We tried our best to make it as much convenient for the user as we can. A very surprising thing about the wheelchair for stairs we provide is its easy storage. Yes, you don't have to make proper space for it as it is foldable.


The footrests are foldable and can be easily folded when not required for use. You can also make changes to your wheelchair for stairs according to your requirements. This means that you can change in a stair-climbing wheelchair according to your surfaces which can be wooden, metal, or carpeted. 




This is all about the services we provide in the face of our amazing products. Mobility is important for every person as it's a necessity. But being disabled or elder enough to face complications in moving. Then these electric stair-climbing wheelchairs are there. Feel safe while using it as we assure you that it's best in its working. Come and visit us to have the best electric stair-climbing wheelchair.