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Ambulance Stretcher-Emergency Transport by Thunder-Mobility


Introduction to Ambulance Stretcher 


Every people can face an emergency at any spot, like an accident or faintness. But it's not compulsory that hospitals would be nearer to them or not for their first aid. And if you are too away from the hospital then it would be threatening in case of an accident as you don't have first aid there. For this purpose, there is an ambulance stretcher. An ambulance stretcher will make you reach the hospital as soon as possible.


Ambulance Stretcher Online, UAE


Along with this, you would be given first aid on your way to the nearer hospital. These ambulance stretchers are available now by thunder mobility for you all. You can have these ambulance stretchers online. You don't have to work much, just visit our website and go through the different varieties of products we are providing. 

After going through in detail of every ambulance stretcher, you can choose the one that suits you the best according to your need. We provide ambulance stretchers to the hospital also, as they also need them in an emergency situations. We (Thunder Mobility) try to design the best quality-based ambulance stretchers for all our customers.


Foldable Ambulance Stretcher


Thunder mobility is the best and most well-known for providing medical aid all over UAE. This medical aid includes all the essential equipment that can facilitate different patients differently. When we talk about ambulance stretchers, then you would be surprised to know that know we also design foldable ambulance stretchers. Yes, you heard right, now you can have these stretchers in your vehicles easily as they are foldable. 


Tremendous Features


A foldable ambulance stretcher is able to get folded when it's not required; this is how it takes up very little space in your vehicle. These foldable ambulance stretchers have a lot of features, which include:


1. For comfort, it has a high backrest that is adjustable.

2. One person can easily handle it.

3. It also has side rails that are collapsible.

4. You can lock the stretcher in your vehicle by using brackets.

5. a foam mattress-based bed that has waterproof material along with a table that is moveable.

6. There are height handles to handle the height of the stretcher.

7. Handles are present on either side for the folding of the legs of the stretcher.


Stretcher trolleys for ambulances


The combination of a trolley and a stretcher refers to an ambulance stretcher trolley, which is also known as a gurney. A patient can easily be transported from one place to another in different positions that are suitable or comfortable for them. Patients can have different sorts of issues, so this gurney allows the patient to sit in different positions, like sitting or lying.


They are primarily designed for emergency use, such as in hospitals or medical centers for easy patient transport between different units.These can also be used other than in these places, such as on the long way to some other place. Thunder Mobility provides a vast range of ambulance stretcher trolleys, which differ from each other. They all differ on the basis of the features and characteristics that are unique to each stretcher trolley.


emergency patient transport wherever you want


An emergency can occur at any spot, and there is a need to have a sudden rescue for the people facing an accident. In this regard, these stretchers function as emergency patient transport in an emergency situation for all people. These will let the people save patients' or injured people’s lives by transporting them to the nearest hospital. These advanced technology-based ambulance stretchers will facilitate the user in a different manner as they have different functions.




What should you be concerned about if you have a close relative who is injured or unable to move you?Have these stretchers for their easy and comfortable transport. Emergency patient transport is now available on our site; you can visit there to choose one among others. You can have any of the others that suit you the best.


We provide these ambulance stretchers at affordable prices so that you all can afford them. You have to trust us, as your trust is our first priority. We assure you that we are providing quality-based ambulance stretches.