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Sleep therapy and its use


Sleep therapy refers to methods and techniques to improve one's sleep quality. CBT-I is an abbreviation for cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia. all problems and issues associated with sleep restlessness are dealt with under this therapy. Sleep therapy is really essential because it plays a vital role in curing many diseases like insomnia, anxiety, related cardiovascular issues, obesity, etc. sleep therapy is the best solution to all problems related to poor sleep.


Diseases due to improper sleep


Improper sleep can lead to a number of diseases. or some diseases may exist due to which proper sleep is affected. These diseases have an overall impact on one's life. They can affect the mental as well as the physical state of a person. It may include the following,


1. Sleep apnea

2. RLS, restless legs syndrome

3. Narcolepsy

4. insomnia

Sleep disorders are to be treated timely otherwise they may be drastic in further conditions. Proper guidance from a consultant is required. To help you with such problems that are not easy to solve thunder mobility is now approaching you with its sleep therapy equipment. You can also have them online. thunder mobility now is providing its clients with online facilities as well. You can have a product that suits you best as prescribed by a doctor.


Sleep therapy products


A number of different products now have been launched by thunder mobility. All products have different and meaningful roles. They all have been designed in accordance with the treatment and curing of disease. They can improve sleep quality and betterment comfortable and healthy sleep. A few of these products include following


  • Bed Buddy Weighted Blanket - Adult and Kid Sized
  • Bed Buddy Relaxation Mask
  • Bed Buddy Leg Wedge Pillows
  • Bed Buddy Relaxation Bundle
  • Roscoe Fiber Filled Cervical Indentation Pillow
  • DPL Red Light Therapy Eye Mask for Pain Relief
  • Apex Comfort Sleep Mask
  • Lumin Bullet CPAP Tubing UV Sanitizer
  • Bed Buddy Full Body Pillow
  • Roscoe Knee Pillow
  • Bed Buddy Cold Sinus Headache Mask

CPAP machine


The most well-known device for sleep therapy is a continuous positive airway pressure machine. People suffering from sleep apnea often face breathing difficulties. To overcome them CPAP maintains the continuous pressurized flow of air through your mouth or nose. 


As a result, high pressure keeps airways open and helps you with smooth breathing. for airways purposes, about ten feet high care CPAP tubing hoses are there. This equipment ensures quality sleep. all CPAP machines available have exactly the same parts some of which include, a motor housed in a base unit, a cushioned mask, a mask, and motor connecting tube, and a headgear frame.




BPAP or BIPAP, bilevel positive airway pressure is there for your ease of breathing.


When you inhale, your lungs expand, and the diaphragm contacts move downward diaphragm is the head muscle in the chest responsible for breathing. Due to its downward movement air pressure inside the lungs decrease, to meet compensation outside pressurized air enters.


People face this inhalation difficulty. It can be cured with bi-level airway pressure.


Bipap helps open of lungs by utilizing pressure airflow. The air pressure inhaled and expired out is different. The amount of airflow one receive is greater. This is only a pressure ventilator different from others. The reason for differentiation is air pressure. Other machines deliver and remove the same amount of air pressure. The delivered air pressure of BiPAP is greater than the one received in output.


Use of BiPAP


VICTIMS OF SLEEP apnea and COPD chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder can be treated with this machine. BiPAP proves effective against this improper sleep disorder.

Replacement of supplies on a regular basis 

Once masks of any machines are used they become contaminated with bacteria. Sleep therapy supplies need to be clean and free of germs. As they are to be used daily they need to be healthy and safe. So, for this purpose once used supplies should be replaced for the next use. Routine exchange of therapy supplies is mandatory to ensure a safe cure. This will not only provide safe treatment but will also increase the working age of the machine .cleaniness leads to success in treatment. Apart from this regular replacement of supplies prevent viral and bacterial infections. Now thunder mobility has done something more to provide the best sleep using CPAP or BiPAP for years. You need not worry about anything if you ensure the replacement of supplies.