Manual Wheelchair

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Manual Wheelchair


The real importance of mobility is known by the people who are unable to move. Having the help of others in mobility is too hard and also led you towards deep stress and anxiety that you are dependent on others. Whether you are disabled by birth or due to some injury you are handicapped, you still have hope that you can live your life independently.


Portable Manual wheelchair


 And only for this thunder mobility designed the best quality-based wheelchairs. Portable Manual wheelchairs are designed for the mobility purpose of handicapped and injured people but one size does’t fit all.

 Different people have different needs and requirements for living their lives, seeing this we Thunder mobility choose the best  Portable manual wheelchairs for you among the wide collection of folding, rigid, and tilt-in-space wheelchairs.

We have been working for years

We thunder mobility is the only company in Dubai that after the hard work of many years has manufactured durable, quality-based, and lightweight wheelchairs.

We provide you with the best and most extensive options that get the best-personalized fit. While designing the manual wheelchair we keep in mind your comfort and easiness.


Things to Consider


Many things are under observation while constructing the manual wheelchair such as:

·         Smooth-rolling Mag wheels with low-maintenance flat-free tires,

·         Durability and reliability with premium welds

·         Soft and comfortable breathable nylon upholstery,

·         Desk-length and flip-black this is what make your legs and arms to get relax.

These manual wheelchairs that thunder mobility designed are not for a fixed size, these are designed according to different sizes and weights. So, which suits you the best according to your use, weight and need you must have that one.


 Lightweight wheelchairs


Now, there is more easiness and safety in accomplishing the activities in a manual wheelchair by the use of lightweight technology. These lightweight wheelchairs are designed with the concern to assist the user in maintaining good posture and also to prevent pressure and shoulder injuries.


Portable Lightweight wheelchairs


Portable Lightweight wheelchairs are  best for your use if you want to have an active and independent lifestyle. The portable lightweight wheelchairs are best to fulfill all your needs and make up your personality.

 If you are searching for a wheelchair that supports you in your short-term need or if your mobility is limited due to different factors like age or progression of physical limitations then these steel framed are ideal for you.


Manual Power Assist Add-on Wheelchairs


If by accident your child is not able to move, but still your child is active enough that he could not bound himself to a specific place.

 Then you must have manual Power Assist Add-on Wheelchair for your child as it will facilitate your child in his mobility. Some children might still self-propel in this manual wheelchair, but by the use of the Manual Power Assist Add-on Wheelchair, the child will have more ease. The use of this amazing designed wheelchair will preserve the energy that children might waste while using a manual wheelchair. Having it can have a lot many benefits such as

·         Easiness and comfort in your mobility,

·         Endurance improvement

·         Combat fatigue by having a part time power source as your child is self-propelled.

·         Its use also reduces the pain and will not affect your health.

Your child can have a much-needed break with the use of this manual power assist Add-on Wheelchair when self-propelling. We thunder mobility designed it in a way to make it customized to the user’s needs and body.

If you want any of the above-mentioned wheelchairs then you must visit the thunder mobility website to have further details about each wheelchair. We are available for you with our best services 24/7 to make your life comfortable and independent.

 We have a vast variety of wheelchairs that would be helpful for the handicapped and all disabled people. We welcome you all to Thunder mobility where you can have wheelchairs of your own choice according to your need and requirements. Our main aim is to make handicapped people’s life easier and independent as much as we can. So, trust us to have the best.