Electric Wheelchair

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Electric wheelchair

Thunder mobility now is approaching you with something unique that is advantageous and favorable. Power wheelchairs launched by the company are now providing the client a chance to be independent. Disabled people are no more dependent on others. We have manufactured these powered wheelchairs just for your relief.


Benefits of electric wheelchair

Wheelchairs let you enjoy an independent life. The structured wheelchairs installed in vehicles favor you to travel where ever you want, without any stress of transport. The powered wheelchairs also allow the individual to enjoy self-driving though he's disabled. Highly designed and controlled systems are settled so one can overall control the vehicle. Nothing is out of approach. Save transfer, and safe drive is ensured. Then what else is needed?


Different types of powered wheelchairs

Several different wheelchairs are introduced to the clients. The one that suits his need is supplied. Following are the types mentioned


Heavy duty electric wheelchairs

People who usually use it to deal with outdoor activities are recommended for this type of wheelchair. The wheelchair has three driving possibilities: rare mid and front driving. The wheelchair allows the easy, safe, and secured drive. One can go through their outdoor tasks without fear of transport.


Power base electric wheelchairs

Power Base electric wheelchairs are based on batteries. The battery timings are outstanding. One can enjoy a safe ride. Overall the operating system is satisfying. The wheelchair has a proper circulating radius. Adequate seating and control over the powered wheelchair are ensured. Often these wheelchairs come with suspensions. Such types of wheelchairs are used for outdoor purposes mainly. They can be used to fulfill the needs of the outing.


Transportable electric wheelchairs

These wheelchairs are specific for weights. They can't lift weights to certain limits. Usually, the weight limit for such wheel wheelchairs is 100lbs. They are mainly applicable to limited areas. In wheelchairs, you can easily transport the chair from one place to another, or it can also be quickly settled in the trunk of your car. It's light and can be easily moved anywhere you want. These wheelchairs are often compact sized and thus are used where there are narrow hallways.


Top features of power wheelchair


Nothing is more perfect than these wheelchairs. The power wheelchairs are easily portable for picnics, tours, or outdoor activities. They are also featured to be used for storage and traveling. They are easy for transportation and moving from one place to another.



They are highly designed to provide the disabled person with ease and relief. One feels relaxed and safe while he's on the chair. Hence it's proved practically that electric wheelchairs are comfortable and satisfying.



They are not only highly designed, but the stuff used to manufacture them is impressive. No doubt that the company has made the best choices in which material suits the best .they have utilized valuable things and tools that fit best.



This feature ensures that the correct circulating radius is applied to your wheelchair. This feature enables you to roam with the right rotating axis. You don't get imbalanced; instead, a safe ride is an experience.


Battery timings

Though the h, these electric wheelchairs work is dependent n batteries. We assure you that the batteries used are highly managed and organized. The battery timing is adorable. One can have long-term use of a wheelchair if a battery is fully charged. They are both quality-wise and working-wise efficient.


Difference between an electric wheelchair and a mobility scooter

The main difference is that the shooter resembles the commonly used mode of transport. It's used as a proper vehicle which can be used for being independent and to travel from one place to another quickly. However, wheelchairs can't be driven. A person is shifted to a wheelchair and then is taken to the place wanted.


How to choose the right power vehicle?

Nothing to worry about. Just think about the features you want and match them with the wheelchair having all your desired features. Go for that. Don't be late in making decisions. We assure you of your choice, and our advice will help you choose the one which is best.