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Stair Chair in Variety by Thunder Mobility, UAE

Introduction to Stair chair 


When it comes to the need for the transport of handicapped, disabled people or the aged ones, we need something to make a safe transfer of them. For example transport of such patients from stairs is rather difficult. For this purpose, you surely need equipment that can suit your condition best. 


Here thunder mobility is now introducing you to stair chairs specially designed for handicapped people. These chairs can help you a lot while the transfer of the patient .stair chairs is specifically designed for transport or transfer purpose on stairs.


Best Medical Transport Chair to have 


Whenever the need for a medical transport chair arises, surely go through these different stair chairs available online.

Different stair chairs available  for the online shop include the following:


  • Stair chair Capri
  • Stair chair ischia
  • Stair chair dolce vita
  • Stair chair Elba 
  • Transcend stair chair
  • Compact 2 carry chair
  • Compact 2-track chair

These are some of the different types mentioned .you can visit our site and can go through any of the stair chairs that suit you best.


Quality products 

Products provided by thunder mobility are all reliable and dependable. They are designed in such a way that they ensure safety while transporting patients. They are easy to deal with. There is nothing complicated that will confuse you. The climbing stair is no more an issue for a handicapped or elderly one.


Every Issue is Resolved Now

Stairs should not be considered a problem for those who are handicapped or aged. it's difficult but not impossible. Thunder mobility now has even removed your difficulty as well. To make a safe climb upstairs you can make use of stair chairs. These stairchairs can help have safe transport while you are seated and comfortable.

You will feel completely safe once you use it. It's not a compulsion but now it's a need for those who no longer want to be dependent. It can play a part in your independence as well. You no longer need to rely on others for climbing up stairs or for coming down. it's rather easy now. But it all depends on your decision. Go get these chairs now and make yourself feel easy and relaxed.

Types of Medical Transport Chairs

There are two different types of medical transport chairs presently provided by thunder mobility to clients.
Manual stairchair

As by the name you can guess these stair chairs are to be operated .selp operated stair chairs are available online, and you can choose them if they are reliable. if you do need not much or your patient is not that much in need then choose this one. If the patient or caretaker can operate a stair chair then go for these manual medical transport chairs.

Electronic stairchair

Electronic stair chairs are not to be self-operated. They are electronic and either work on battery or any other power source. you need not drive them yourself. Just switch on the transport chair it will start working itself. 

Clients often prefer this one when their patient or handicapped person is not even able to drive  a manual one. In such a condition this electronic stairchair can be of best use. these stairchairs are designed perfectly while considering the battery timings and comfort zone of the patient. you can fully rely on them because they are already experimented with and tested before to ensure their safe use for handicapped people.


Some other types of stairchairs


There are also some other stairchairs available online on our website that can prove beneficial


Lightweight stairchair - These are to be dealt with by two handlers. they are lightweight and being small in size prove easy to handle.350 Ibs is the maximum weight this lightweight stairchair can afford.


Belted tracks stair chairs - The weight limit is 500Ibs. This chair type offers gliding. In this way, it proves dependable and safe both for the operator and the patient.


EZ-Glide Stair Chair with Power Traxx - This stairchair type not only causes ease for the patient but reduces the load of the operator as well. The handler feels easy to move the patient up and down without any difficulty. It proves far more useful and helpful. the chair itself deals with patients' weight control and lifting, balancing, etc.