Oxygen Therapy

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Oxygen Therapy 




Oxygen therapy refers to the maintenance of breath. Those people who face any difficulty in breathing are supplied with oxygen from storage tanks to meet their needs. This assists in the continuity of breath. Usually, a compressor is used for this purpose. Oxygen can be inhaled by the patient by nose tube, mask, etc. for such patients doctors often advise going for oxygen therapy. And there are different therapy products that are available for all by thunder mobility. 


Blood oxygen level 


Our blood level maintains a proper oxygen level for normal breathing. The rate of oxygen is 95 percent in normal conditions. if there is any decrease in this rate, oxygen therapy may be required. however, it's not needed all the time. make use of it according to doctors' guidance. its requirement depends on the need. some are told to have while sleeping or performing hard exercise. doctors usually advise the therapy when the level decreases to 88 percent.


Oxygen therapy requirement


Therapy needs can be lifetime or temporary depending on the patient's condition.

If a person has an extremely low level of oxygen or is a victim of oxygen shortage disease then he may need it for a lifetime. this deadliest disease includes hypoxemia, COPDetc.timely need for oxygen therapy is for patients of emphysema, covid-19, or one facing breathing difficulties. again thing to remember is that consultation with doctors is necessary.


Choosing the right equipment


Choosing the best oxygen equipment for yourself demands a few steps. your staff who is responsible for your care needs to decide which equipment suits you. they should finalize the equipment that's easy for you to carry anywhere .equipment should be efficient to fulfill your oxygen demand and let you enjoy your activities and routine without any sort of difficulty.

Some of the factors to consider when choosing your system and equipment are listed below: 

While choosing oxygen equipment for yourself keep the following factors in your mind.

  • Equipment needs to meet your oxygen requirement prescribed by a doctor. let's suppose it should be 2 liters per min.
  • Beware of your outdoor activities.
  • Weight and size of equipment

How long do you stay outdoors?


  • Your home structure does matter, whether it's only ground floored or having stories.
  • Your capability and personal desires
  • Breathing pathway through nose or mouth

What type of equipment is available? 


Presently oxygen therapy equipment is three in number. doctors also go for these three including

  • Compressed gas systems 
  • Compressed gas systems comprise stationary concentrators and ambulatory tanks. concentrators are used for home activities and oxygen tanks for outdoor purposes.
  • POCs
  • A portable oxygen concentrator can replace compressed gas systems in some conditions. It can work as an ambulator tank as well as a stationary concentrator.
  • Liquid oxygen systems 
  • These systems consist of a portable device and a reservoir as well.

Oxygen Therapy Products 


Some of the oxygen therapy products are mentioned below which are available at thunder mobility:


  • Oxyll 
  • Oxyll dual
  • Oxyll selector
  • Oxyll selector dual
  • Perflow P4 and P5
  • Perflow multy
  • Oxygen cylinders
  • Oxygen distributor for ambulances
  • Rail-mounted oxygen equipment
  • Crying bag for oxygen equipment
  • H-350,H-700


The oxylls are used in oxygen therapy. They are light in weight, accurate, best device to use. oxylls are useful in many ways and are often recommended by doctors as well. Pressure is maintained by oxylls and they manage the supply of pressure to patients as well. Only the amount selected is given to patients.



Oxyll dual is also a device for oxygen therapy. it is to be used according to doctors' guidance. it also controls and maintains pressure flow internally and externally.


Oxygen cylinders

These cylinders are filled with oxygen. Their delivery is also common to meet temporary needs. The size and the amount of oxygen in the are not fixed its variable. deliveries are made to hospitals homes and sometimes to offices as well. they are available for purchase as well you can rent them. 


What is meant by an Oxygen concentrator?

Oxygen concentrators are machines providing more filtered oxygen in emergency conditions. these concentrators are for those patients who face exceedingly low blood oxygen levels. doctors prescribe it to one who has poor health because of a shortage of oxygen supply.


This medical device is for patients suffering from 


  • Asthma
  • COPD
  • Flu
  • Lung cancer 
  • Those with breathing difficulties

Filtered oxygen suppliers


Concentrators are different from oxygen tanks.

Oxygen tanks are used to supply liquid or gas oxygen. however, oxygen concentrators separate and remove nitrogen from the air supplied to the patient. This machine has two tubes adjusted at the other ends of your face. through these tubes, filtered oxygen is supplied. for a greater flow of oxygen, facemasks are used frequently.


Concentrators are further of two types.


A Bigger Model

Bigger model concentrators can be used on a regular basis but in the home. it's a home-based designed concentrator. its size is large enough that is not perfect for outdoor use.


A Lighter Model

These model concentrators are portable and used for outdoor purposes. There are two types of concentrators: a bigger model you can use at home, and a lighter, portable model you can use on the go. 


Doctors' recommendation for concentrators

Though concentrators are helpful they can be dangerous. If one uses it without doctors' advice then it can be harmful. doctors' approval is a must.

He better know when you need it and what amount of oxygen can fulfill your need. He can tell a definite time period for its use. Thus it concluded that doctors' consultation is of significant importance. So, visit thunder mobility which has the best and most suited oxygen therapy equipment.