Bath Safety & Bathroom Safety Products

Bath Accessories & safety aids


You might have slick wet surfaces and hard fixtures and are worried about how to make changes to your bathroom for your elderly or patient's use. We have designed such alarming bathroom safety products that you don't have to completely renovate your bathroom.


Bathroom Safety


Having these products in your bathroom makes it easier and safer for the users to navigate. The products we have designed are affordable temporary or long-term solutions for yourself or your loved ones. If you are tense about selecting security or affordability, then be relaxed, as our products ensure safety and affordability.


These affordable and safety-based products are now available for people all over UAE. You just have to contact us for the details about the bath safety product you are interested in. We will further let you know all about your selected product.


Bathtub, Bathroom, and Shower Grab Bars


We are providing bathroom accessories for safety to all our customers at affordable prices. If you want to have ease in moving in and out of the tub, then you must use bath rails bars, bath mats, and all such products to help you footing properly. We design cast protectors if you are injured and want to save your legs from being ruined by water.


Shower & Commode Wheel Chair


These cast protectors will help you to in keeping your arm or leg cast preventing from water. If you cannot stand properly under the shower, then we have shower chairs and benches for your use.


Shower Safety


These safety products will help you sit under the shower for long periods and provide a transfer bench, preventing the person from climbing over the tub wall.


Toilet Safety


Now comings towards toilet safety, as we can't underestimate it. We have designed raised toilet seats and commode support rails for stability purposes. Along with stability, it reduces the efforts needed to get up and down. If you are suffering from bladder conditions, we must shower commode chairs for them.


Waterproof and Rust-resistant Materials


We use waterproof and rust-resistant materials for the construction of such superbly useable bathroom safety products. These bath safety products are light enough that they could easily be set up and moveable. Similarly, these products are strong enough for handling everyday use.


We Sell All-Over UAE


We (Thunder Mobility) are the best and leading medical and equipment seller all over UAE. We have different bath safety products for different ages of people, whether they are children, adults, or the elderly. We provide the best and most valuable bath safety products to all our customers.


Visit Us and Choose the Best


Visit us for details about the bathroom safety products we provide. After having all the details, you can have the best idea which will suit you. After choosing the best, you can have it according to your needs and requirements.


Bathroom use is a daily and essential need in everyone's life, so safety must be. We have designed quality-based and valuable bath safety products for the convenience of handicapped or elderly people. You don't have to worry about your safety as these products are designed with full consideration and attention.


And the best thing is that these bath products are easily removable as these products are light to carry. A unique feature of these products is that they are foldable and easily removable after use.