Fixed Wheelchair Ramp

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A fixed wheelchair ramp is another best product of our company, just like portable wheelchair ramps. There are some places where the use of portable wheelchair ramp is not sufficient, or we can say that its use is not perfect. These are places where fixed wheelchair ramps are best to use.


Permanent Solution To All Your Problems

You might have some area in your home from where it’s tough to transfer your patient onto the vehicle. So, you must be in search of some sort of permanent solution to it. Don’t worry; we are here with the permanent solution to your problem, which is well known as a fixed wheelchair ramp. These fixed wheelchair ramps are fixed ramps, as their name indicates.

Fixed Wheelchair Ramp Available With Different Lengths

Vans are the vehicles for which these fixed wheelchair ramps are best for use. These fixed wheelchair ramps are capable of getting fold, and these are available in different lengths.

You can easily use all kinds of wheelchairs on these fixed wheelchair ramps once these are set at the place of use.


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