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Multiple ventilation modes,suitable for ICU,emergency department, surgical operation room,ward, Ambulance and all kinds of emergency and transport occasions


- Manual button used during CPR LCD screen,digital show for parameters,easier and clearer for doctor to know the
  patient’s real-time condition. Three levels alarm system, with visual and audible alarms to ensure the safety.

- Compact,portable,lightweight,durable design,convenient transport of patients. Electro-pneumatically controlled, time/pressure switched and     micro-processor monitored,keep safe running of ventilator. Long life internal lithium battery,continue working time is mo

Ventilation mode: A/C,A/C+SIGH,SIMV,SPONT,MANUAL,PEEP(External PEEP valve)

Tidal volume: 30-2400ml

Max.Minute ventilation volume: 18L/min O2%: 50%, 100%

A/C frequency: 2-80bpm

Inspiration time: 0.3s-6s

I:E ratio: 5:1-1:5

Inspiration trigger pressure: 0 to -20cmH2O

Sigh: Once per 100 breath cycles

SIMV frequency: 1-40bpm PEEP 0-20cmH2O

AC adapter: 110-240V, 50/60Hz

Inner lithium battery: 7.2V,2.2Ah

Battery working time: 5 hours

Max.working pressure: ≤6Kpa

Alarm silent ≤120s

Dimension: 230x200x70mm

Weight(ventilator main unit): 1.8kg

Oxygen cylinder 2.8L

Oxygen cylinder working time 90 minutes

Monitoring parameters: I:E ratio

                                           Tidal volume
                                           Minute ventilation volume
                                           Peak airway pressure
                                           Total ventilation frequency

Alarm: Apnea
             Low battery
             System status
             Low tidal volume
             High airway pressure
             Low airway pressure

Package information: GW: 14kg
                                       NW: 13kg
                                       Dimension: 65x40x33cm
                                       Packing: 1pc/ctn



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