Portable Ramp 8 Feet-PR08

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We have many types of wheelchair ramps with different lengths and widths to meet all the customer needs.


Portable wheelchair ramp

We all know that it’s complicated to transfer a patient or disabled person from the stairs of your home into the vehicles. So, to finish these problems, we designed such portable wheelchair ramps.

Portable Ramps With Variety

This portable wheelchair ramp is there to make it wheelchair accessible for the people of determination. And don’t think that the portable wheelchair ramp is of one type. No, we are providing you with portable wheelchair ramps of different lengths and widths to meet other requirements of different people.

Major Types Of Portable Wheelchair Ramps

When we talk about types of portable wheelchair ramps, there are two significant types. Some are single fold while others are multi-fold. You will not face any difficulty carrying these ramps with your car to different places as these are easy to maintain.


  •  8 Feet Portable Ramp
  • 74×243 CM
  • Non-Slip


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