Thunder B03 - 4 Function Electric Hospital Bed

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4 Function Electric Medical Bed

The Thunder-B03 Electric Medical Bed boasts a versatile design that combines functionality with ergonomic comfort. Its fully adjustable positions, including head and foot elevation, allow for customized positioning to accommodate individual preferences and medical requirements. Whether it's facilitating comfortable rest, aiding in therapy sessions, or assisting with patient mobility, this bed offers unparalleled versatility to support various healthcare activities.

Caregivers will appreciate the user-friendly nature of the Thunder-B03 Electric Medical Bed. Equipped with intuitive controls, including a handheld remote, adjusting bed positions and settings is effortless, streamlining patient care and minimizing strain on caregivers. Additionally, the bed features locking casters for secure positioning and mobility, ensuring stability and safety during transfers and adjustments.




4 Function Electric Medical Bed

A hospital bed or a medical bed is specially constructed for a patient hospitalized in a hospital or others that need some kind of health care service. Such beds usually have different kinds of special features, not only for the calm and safety of the patient, but also for the help of nurses and doctors. The main characteristics are the fully elevated bed, adjustment of the head and the feet as well, adjustable side rails, and electronic buttons that control both the bed and nearby electronic devices.

The emergence of Electric Medical Beds is not confined to hospitals only but also in a variety of health care settings, including nursing homes, assisted living facilities, outpatient facilities and at home health care. 

Elevate patient care and recovery with the Thunder B03 Electric Hospital Bed. This advanced bed boasts a robust design and innovative features, creating a safe and comfortable healing environment for patients and simplifying care for medical professionals.



High-Quality ABS Plastic Head & Feet Board: Durable, easy to clean, and provides a comfortable feel for patients.

Overall Punching Cold Carbon Steel Bed Frame: Offers exceptional strength and stability for secure patient positioning.

ABS Plastic Hydraulic Side Rails: Raise and lower effortlessly, promoting patient safety and facilitating easy transfers.

ABS Double-Sided Casters: Makes sure the movement across all directions is simple.

ROHS & CE Certified Electric Pushrods & Controllers: Guarantee smooth bed adjustments and meet European safety standards.

Weight Capacity: 200 Kg: Accommodates a wide range of patients.

Size: 2130x950x470/700mm: Has room and adjustable height for the comfort of the patient and the convenience of the care provider.



Enhanced Patient Comfort: Adjustable positions have been proven to relieve muscle tension, lower blood pressure, and remove various body part pressures.

Improved Safety:  The side rails are hydraulic, which makes it impossible to fall off them, as the rigid framing takes care of stability.

Effortless Caregiving: Electric motors facilitate the ability of the carer to do smooth adjustment, thereby, reduce the caregiving strain.

Easy Maneuverability: Having double-sided casters makes it much more convenient to position the bed in any required way.

Durability & Hygiene: High-quality materials such as materials that are long-life and straightforward to clean enhance the durability and efficiency of the product.

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1. What is the weight capacity of the Thunder B03 Electric Hospital Bed?

The Thunder B03 offers a carrying capacity up to 200 kg, hence, it is usable for various kinds of patients.

2. How do the electric motors work?

The bed utilizes powerful and quiet electric motors controlled by a user-friendly panel for effortless adjustments of the bed position.

3. Is the Thunder B03 easy to clean and maintain?

Absolutely! The ABS plastic construction allows for easy cleaning and disinfection using standard hospital-grade solutions.

4. What kind of mattress is compatible with the Thunder B03?

The bed frame is designed to accommodate standard-size hospital mattresses (typically sold separately).

5. How do I get started using the Thunder B03?

The Thunder B03 comes with a comprehensive user manual that details operation and safety instructions.

6. Does the bed come with any warranty?

Yes, the Thunder B03 Electric Hospital Bed's warranty is standard to cover any defects or issues related to manufacturing.


  • High quality engineering ABS plastic head & feet board
  • Overall punching cold carbon steel bed frame which is stable and reliable
  • ABS plastic hydraulic side rails to protect patient from falling off bed
  • ABS double sides casters
  • ROHS & CE certificated high quality and powerful electric pushrods and controllers
  • Weight Capacity 200 Kg
  • Size: 2130x950x470/700mm




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