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Wheelchair Ramps

Thunder mobility is the only and the best Dubai company that manufactures a wide range of handicap accessible along with a selection of durable mobility ramps. We thunder mobility is proud to produce many types of ramps for the devices such as manual wheelchairs and power scooters.

These ramps can be of different types, like rubber, aluminum, and foam. You can select the ramp depending on your needs and requirements. There are many ramps, such as threshold ramps, portable ramps, van ramps, modular ramps, and many more. You can choose the best among them that suits you the most.

How to choose the best wheelchair ramp for your needs?

Before buying a thing, we first think about every aspect of it and also the pros and cons of that thing. Similar is the case with this wheelchair ramp. If someone is disabled at your home, you need a wheelchair ramp for their mobility. But before buying a wheelchair ramp for your nearer one, you must know some points on choosing the best wheelchair ramp for your needs.

Here thunder mobility will let you know some features you must know before buying. This will help you to select the most appropriate wheelchair ramp for your use.

Things to keep in mind during wheelchair ramp selection 

The first and essential point you want to know while searching for the best ramp for your use is the weight and size of the mobility device. Then the location where you have to use the ramp, after handrails, grit coat, and mounting holes are a few features you must keep in mind. We have a variety of wheelchair ramps; this availability is in aluminum, rubber, plastic, and foam.

While designing wheelchair ramps for you, we kept some critical points in mind, such as safety and less risk of slips and falls in wet and icy weather conditions. 

How to find the proper ramp length?

After everything comes to the question of how we could find the proper ramp length, it is important to order the exact size of the wheelchair ramp for your use. You can visit us at thunder mobility to have all the information regarding what type of wheelchair ramp you want.

Portable Wheelchair Ramp

A portable wheelchair ramp is one of the best and safest ramps for proper use. When selecting a portable wheelchair ramp, factors such as your area, the climate type you live in, your budget, and your lifestyle are considered. These factors will help you choose the most appropriate wheelchair ramp for your use. 

For example, the slip-resistant ramp is best suited for the area with mostly snow and rain. This is how these different factors effects. According to you, the ramp must have its length, width, and proper slope. Using a portable wheelchair ramp properly will ensure your safety and no risk of injury.

Fixed Wheelchair Ramp

Suppose you want the best Wheelchair Ramp for your use at a fixed place such as your home, where you spend most of your time. Then, in that case, a fixed Wheelchair Ramp is most suited for your need. If you want such ramps, then fixed Wheelchair Ramps are best for you. You can have these fixed Wheelchair Ramps of your selected length and width according to your house or the place where you want these fixed Wheelchair Ramps. 

Foldable Wheelchair Ramps

Now, at last, comes the foldable Wheelchair Ramps, which are designed by us for thunder mobility to make your mobility easy and comfortable. You can have a foldable Wheelchair Ramp if you love to travel, as, after its use, you can easily place them in your vehicle as these are foldable. The foldable Wheelchair Ramp is designed with a lot of consideration, keeping many factors in mind, one of which is safety and comfort. 

So, these are some best wheelchair ramps you can select for your use. We welcome you to have all information regarding these ramps in detail so that it would be easier for you to choose the most suitable one for yourself.