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Home Care Products & Equipment Online

What will be the use of advanced technology if disabled people cannot have freedom in their daily living? Yes, advancements in technology have let us (Thunder Mobility) make the best and freedom-based medical supplies with daily living. We (Thunder Mobility) manufacture the best quality medical supplies, including several things. When we talk about the medical supplies we construct, it includes an extensive list that is as follows:


- First aid items

- Cushions

- Pillows

- In-home care products

- First aid items

- Bed rails

- Overbed tables

- Light therapy


These care products we designed for our seniors, elderly, and disabled people, as these provide them hygiene care, fitness and exercise aids, physical support, and many more features. 


Home Care Products Online In UAE

We (Thunder Mobility) are the best medical equipment supplier in Dubai, UAE. Now you can also buy these homecare medical supplies along with health devices to be used at home online. 

You must visit our portal to buy the home care product you want according to your need. We assure you that we (Thunder Mobility) will provide you with the best home care products and equipment online from our website. 


Mobility Aids

We are well aware of how much mobility is essential in one's life and feel sad for people who don't have mobility. We have sympathy for those disabled people and provide the best quality-based mobility aids. 

These mobility aids are designed especially for our elderly and disabled people to make them feel independent in their lives. These mobility aids we (thunder mobility) provide are best to use and are of vast range depending upon different use of different people. 


Home Care Product for Elderly

Our elders are the real happiness of our home. In their older age, they might face difficulty in their mobility. So, to make easiness in their lives, we manufacture high-quality home care products for the elderly. These home care products for the elderly will help them to live an independent life without others' help. 

By this, they can have proper mobility in their lives at a very old age. These home care products for the elderly are designed while keeping the security and safety of the elderly, especially during their mobility. 


We are the Best Home Health Supplier in UAE

Hospital Beds

If you have older or disabled people at your home, you can use regular beds as they require special beds. For this purpose, we also provide hospital beds to have the hospital facility at your home. Having hospital beds at home makes you feel like you are in the hospital. We provide the best and high-quality home health equipment and hospital beds all over UAE.  


Manual Medical bed 

Manual medical beds are best for your use at home because this will help you make mobility in the disabled or elderly. Suppose your patient is wholly paralyzed; in that case, you can have a manual medical bed, as this will help you in the mobility of your patients quickly. 

Using hand cranks, you can raise the bed frame's foot, head, and height. Many functions of a manual medical bed facilitate the patient according to his needs. If you want a cost-effective long-term care option, then a manual medical bed is best. 


Electrical Hospital Bed

Having a hospital bed also includes the treatment of the patient, whether at home or in the hospital. If you want to have a hospital bed at home, then we will recommend an electrical hospital bed. These beds are designed to provide easiness in patients' mobility. This electrical hospital bed has many functions and facilitates you according to your need and requirements. 

Buy Homecare Equipment Online for the elderly at an Affordable Price.

Now, you can buy homecare equipment online for the elderly at an affordable price, as we want to serve our services to all our customers. Every person can afford the product we prepare. 


Bathroom Accessories

Elderly or disabled people at your home who face difficulty in mobility in the home from here to there or in the bathroom. For them we provide bathroom accessories to all our customers, to save them from the risk of falling. We provide a wide range of bathroom accessories, but you can have the accessories according to your needs and requirements. 


 So, these were some of the home care products and equipment we manufacture. We provide a wide range of products; you can have any home care products according to your need. Visit us and choose the one that suits you the most.